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fredag 5. august 2011

Version Control System - Bazaar

As I find it extremely useful to work with a version control and the current workplace didn't use one, I started to look for a suitable one. I wanted to start using Git as that seems to be the new cool one, but during my research someone recommended Bazaar, saying Git could be too complicated. And being that this was something I just wanted to test out personally, I went ahead and tried it.

It was extremely easy to get started with Bazaar. Everything went smoothly, the documentation is superb! I have experience with SVN and CVS so most is very common although some concepts are very different.

The coolest thing is that it is so flexible. It's suitable from one user to large teams, you can work only locally or with a remote 'server'. It doesn't have to be server per say, just another machine that might be backed up. Even if you work towards a server you can still commit locally for a period (without access to the server). Later, you can commit to the server and all history will still be available. And there is no install on the server (every user just installs on their machine) so there is no network setup!

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